Tuesday, January 29, 2013

catherine's gone...

ok, here is a place where i can share all my thoughts about my current situation.  Just to give you some background, my mother passed away on dec. 14, 2012.  She was 89 years old, but somehow, even with being in the medical profession, it came as a surprise to me.  I felt as if my life was over.  i cried constantly, sobbed and wailed.  i was unbelievably sad and thought i would never be happy again.  So on january 9, 2013, my five month old granddaughter passed away.  i don't think i will ever stop crying.  she was the sweetest baby.  i have two other granddaughters, but the other two are in missouri and i only get to see them every few months.  this little girl lived just a few minutes away from me.  she and her mom spent the night with me the first night out of the hospital, i babysat every couple of weeks, and catherine and i even had sleepovers.  i am so hoping that by writing this out, i will start to get over it, or at least the pain will decrease somewhat.  as i go along, i will post some pictures of her, but right now, i can't even look at pictures without starting to cry again.  that's assuming that when i see the pictures, i have stopped crying.  many times that's not the case.   now that i have this begun, i will stop and see if i can get back to my blog the next time.  please pray for me that this will be therapeutic.

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