Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok, don't wait until three weeks before the baby is due to start working on the quilt and don't pick the most complicated pattern. It took a couple of days to get 1/16th of the quilt done, and I think I'm going to just leave it for later when i have a lot of time. It's not like this child has a shortage of blankets. We're waiting for the phone call that tells us we have to get in the car and make the seven hour drive to hopefully get to the hospital before the baby is born. Being a Labor and Delivery nurse, I would really like to be there, but it may not be possible and I'm sure that they can do this without me. It's not like I will be wearing my nurse hat.....I'll just be wearing my grandma hat. Wish us luck.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

How long does it take stickles to dry? One hour? Two hours? Three days? I guess it depends on how quickly you need them to dry. For example, I have a star album ready to photograph and list, but I'm waiting for the stickles to dry, so it will probably be three days. Speaking of stickles, have I mentioned how much I love them? Anytime I finish a project and it looks like it needs something, I pull out the stickles and they make such a difference.

I just got an order of crochet thread from Joann, so will be crocheting a lot of flowers this weekend. I got some really cool colors.

I was determined to accomplish something this weekend, and I got the top of my work table (pool table) almost cleaned off. Where does all this stuff come from? I put one thing away and magically two more things appear on my table.

I had the best delivery yesterday. A couple who have three boys at home and didn't know what they were having had a girl. When she was born and the doctor said, "It's a girl", everybody in the room just shouted with happiness. What a wonderful job I have!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OK, I totally hate my life. My mind is going so quickly. Monday I lost my credit card. I used it at the post office and by the time I pulled into the gas station, it was gone. I always put it in the credit card slots in my billfold and it wasn't there. I dumped my purse out TWICE to try to find it. (The upside is that my purse got cleaned out.) I looked thru the pages of my schedule book and my notebook that are in my purse and it wasn't there. I finally called the credit card company and told them to cancel it and issue a new one. I am lost without my credit card, I guess I'm one of those "don't leave home without it" people. Karl Maldon really made an impression on me. So I'm without my credit card for 7 to 10 days. Ok, are you ready for this? Monday night as I was opening my checkbook (which is in my billfold), my credit card was sitting there between a couple of check carbons. Last week I lost my keys. This week my credit card. Before that it was my prescription drugs. What next? I am getting so tired of this. It seems as if I waste so much time LOOKING and not finding.....