Monday, September 22, 2008

wow, it's been awhile and in the meantime, i've of course forgotten my user name and password. that would not be a problem, but i also have a new computer that does not have my passwords stored in it. let's see, what's been going on?.......we just got back from new york where our granddaughter was christened. did i tell you i have a new granddaughter? what do you mean, i've told you a hundred times? ok, maybe i have, but i am so totally in love with her, i can't stop talking about her.

on the ebay front, i've started making collections of crocheted flowers because i love to crochet them. i recently won two large auctions of crochet thread and i am set for life. i should be crocheting right now, but here i am, talking to you. we leave for florida next week and i will be taking along my bag of crochet thread and my books. speaking of books, while we were in new york, my favorite crochet flower book disappeared into thin air. it seems as if during this time of my live, i am always totally losing things. one minute i was using it, the next minute, i placed it on the back seat, and that's the last i saw of it. i don't know if it got on to the luggage cart to take to the room. so i had to order another one. i hate when losing things costs me money.

well, i guess i'm off to crochet more flowers. i'll catch up with you later.

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